Accreditation & partnership

Why should learners always look for a CMHP accredited course or resource?

All our accredited programmes are subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the learning and development provided meet the CMHP’s standards of excellence. As an attendee on a CMHP-accredited programme, you can be rest assured that the content will promote best practice in Mental health and support improved patient care.

Why should providers accredit their learning resources?

The CMHP Accreditation is a mark of quality. By accrediting the mental health resources you provide, you are demonstrating your commitment to high quality education and continuing professional development and aspiration to improve patient care.

Benefits of CMHP accreditation

Accreditation enables you to stand out with the use of the CMHP Accredited mark

It will align your organisation with the CMHP and its reputation for excellent care and management in mental health.

The accreditation process

Our accreditation scheme assesses the quality of three main types of product from external partner organisations and suppliers:

  • published material
  • events
  • online programmes

Our accreditation assesses the quality of the processes followed by a producer. It does not accredit the content of individual products, but awards a seal of approval to show that they meet a defined set of accreditation criteria in processes used to develop their product.

Organisations seeking accreditation from us need to demonstrate the following as relevant to their product or service:

  • the programmes developed are consistent with the CMHP strategy
  • materials are consistent with the Professional Standards of Pharmacy
  • the evidence base for their application to us
  • that they have observed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and copyright issues
  • the applicability across different markets (United Kingdom, European and International)
  • the value of the programme; its aims, purpose, content and target audience
  • other considerations relating to good practice such as health and safety; risk assessment; equality, diversity and human rights; review and evaluation.

If you are interested in seeking accreditation by the College, please contact [email protected].

For further information please see:

For examples of accredited material and resources, please see Recent Projects.


Our accreditation standards were developed using the RCN Quality Assurance Standards for Development of RCN accredited Programmes and from the RPS Standards and Criteria for Accreditation.