Psych Pharm Techs

Inspirational working practice in mental health

This is a one-day course for pharmacy technicians working in mental health designed to promote networking and sharing of best practice. It does not cover psychopharmacology or mental health treatments in detail – these are taught in Psych 1 and 2 and pharmacy technicians are welcome at these events.

Course overview

Psych Pharm Techs is a best-practice sharing event for pharmacy technicians of any grade working in mental health. It is a course designed for pharmacy technicians, by pharmacy technicians.  Our aim on the day is to empower each other through a community of peer learning to be highly effective clinical professionals.

Participation in this event will give attendees the opportunity to network with other pharmacy technicians working in similar mental health roles and to share what pharmacy technicians are doing to advance practice and improve quality and service provision.

Who would benefit from this course

Psych Pharm Techs is suitable for people embarking on new, perhaps more clinical, roles as well as to senior staff seeking to hear more about services being developed across the UK.

2023 course booking

Applications are now open for our 2023 course.  This will be held on Friday 17 November 2023 at the Arden's hotel in Birmingham.

The theme of the day will be:

"The patient-centred role of pharmacy technicians - inspirational working practices in mental health"

Cost, including lunch and refreshments: £150 (member) or £175 (non-member)

To apply, please complete the booking form attached and email to [email protected].



  • Welcome and Introductions - Ciara Hallows and Louise Revell
  • Clinical Prioritisation Devon Partnership Trust - Jennifer Whitefoot and Gabrielle Straw
  • Innovation Puts the Skills of Pharmacy Technicians at the Forefront of Delivering Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST) - Karen Shepherd and Rosie Wild
  • Credentialing with the CMHP—The Experience of the First Pharmacy Technician - Katherine Watkinson
  • The role of Pharmacy Technicians Within Community Mental Health Teams and the Importance of Physical Health Monitoring - Jane Astley and Amanda Chadwick
  • Posters: Showcasing your Work - Ciara Hallows

Previous courses

In 2018, Psych Techs was held twice:

  • 18 May, Ringwood Hall Hotel and Country Park, Ringwood Rd, Brimington, Chesterfield S43 1DQ
  • 21 September, Radisson Blu, 12 Holloway Circus, Queensway, Birmingham B1 1BT

For reference, you can find out more about the programme: Psych Techs Programme Sept 2018

The inaugural Psych Techs course was held on Friday 29 September 2017. The course has since been renamed Psych Pharm Techs

Feedback from the event was very positive, with delegates saying:
"thought provoking & very positive for the future of pharm techs"
"speakers were fantastic. Really inspiring day!"
"Inspired.... lots to discuss back at base"

Funding Panel Information for Psych Techs

Applicants may find the following text of use for their applications to Funding Panels.

Psych 1, 2 and Techs are courses provided by the College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP).  The CMHP is a charity which aims to benefit individual care through advancing education and research in the practice of mental health pharmacy.  We provide opportunities for professionals to improve their knowledge about mental health conditions and their management.

Psych 1, 2 and Techs provide opportunities to learn from people working across the country whose practices may well vary from those seen within a single Trust.  Many speakers have had their level of expertise formally assessed through the CMHP credentialing process or are otherwise nationally-recognised experts in their area.  In addition, the courses afford national networking opportunities through which delegates may be able to develop conversations about practices across the country which would be unlikely to be replicated within a single Trust.  By the end of the course, we hope that delegates will be equipped to share within their own Trusts their learning derived from experts and colleagues based around the UK.

Should panels have any specific questions regarding these courses, they should be directed to the CMHP Education Lead: [email protected]


The views expressed within teaching delivered by any individual during a CMHP event are those of the presenter and not of the CMHP itself. Materials are regularly reviewed for accuracy of content but anyone participating in any educational event hosted by CMHP must take professional responsibility for their own clinical decisions.

Any discussion on off-license or unlicensed medicine use must not be taken as unreserved support for such prescribing. Participants must be aware of the contents of all relevant Summaries of Product Characteristics as well as any relevant local or national guidelines when prescribing or giving prescribing advice.