Charitable aims

To advance education in the practice of mental health pharmacy and to promote and disseminate research for the public benefit, in all aspects of that subject.


As a charity we are focused on the public benefit of our work.

We aim to ensure that people with mental health conditions are receiving the best treatment with medicines according to their individual needs. This means pharmaceuticals must be used appropriately and effectively.

Each aspect of our work contributes to our charitable object in some way. For example,

  • Our education courses. We provide opportunities for professionals to improve their knowledge about mental health conditions and their management.
  • Our research awards. We celebrate achievements in developing new approaches and practices in mental health pharmacy.
  • Our input into consultations and mental health guidelines. They are strengthened through our expert opinion and experience in the field of mental health pharmacy.
  • Our work with other mental health organisations. We help to improve the public understanding of psychiatric medicines and their use.
  • Our credentialing programme. We encourage professional development and recognise expertise.
  • Our support networks. We provide opportunities for peer support through our email discussion group and events such as our international conference.

Our charity is a community of people who support each other to improve knowledge and understanding in the field of mental health pharmacy, and thereby improve patient care.