Credentialing process

To apply to become a full, credentialed member of the College you first must be an associate member. For full membership you will need to demonstrate one of the following:

  • 5 years active experience in psychiatric pharmacy practice, or
  • 3 years active experience and a pass on the Aston University Postgraduate Diploma in Psychiatric Pharmacy Therapeutics, or
  • 3 years experience and an MSc which contains a large psychiatric component, or
  • experience and knowledge gained through the Foundation Certificate pathway.

In addition, full membership requires the demonstration of a wide range of competencies, which are assessed through the presentation of a portfolio of evidence and by performance at a viva.

Dates for portfolio submission and vivas

The deadline for portfolio submission for Spring vivas: 22 February 2022
Autumn credentialing vivas: date TBC

Dates for submissions of portfolios, and for credentialing vivas are circulated to members via email or newsletter, and are listed in our Events calendar. There are usually two calls per year.

Evidence required

Applicants are asked to submit their evidence in four portfolio files incorporating information and tasks as specified.

For details of the competencies to be assessed in these files, please see the Competencies page.

Those who wish to submit alternative examples of evidence which meet the competencies are encouraged to do so. These will be individually considered by the council.

Download the credentialing application form and related proformas: 

With thanks to Aston University for granting permission for CMHP to use these supporting materials.

Before submission of your portfolio you must gather and provide evidence for each competency either by completing each of the portfolio files or providing alternative evidence.

To arrange the submission of your portfolio, or if you have any queries about the process, please contact the CMHP Registrar on

After submission of your portfolio, copies will be sent to the credentialing panel for assessment prior to approval being given to progress to viva. You will be sent feedback on your portfolio from the credentialing panel, and they may ask for additional details or further clarification on your submission before a viva is arranged.

Credentialing fee

The credentialing fee of £300 is payable at the time of application and not refundable except at the discretion of the Registrar/CMHP Council who may give consideration to extenuating circumstances if applicable.  The credentialing fee is set by Council each year (£300 in 2017-18).

Where credentialing candidates are unsuccessful in progressing to viva, the Registrar and portfolio assessment panel may recommend that they resubmit with the next cohort.

If substantial amendments are required to the portfolio, a second payment of the credentialing fee may be required to reflect the work involved in assessing the portfolio.

If amendments are not extensive, an additional fee may not be required. The decision as to the requirement for re-payment of the credentialing fee will be at the discretion of the assessment panel.

Where a candidate defers for one year or more, the application will be treated as a new submission and repayment of fees applies. The decision as to the requirement for re-payment of the credentialing fee will be at the discretion of the assessment panel who may give consideration to extenuating circumstances if applicable.