Psych 1

Psych 1 is an on-line course for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other medicines management professionals. The course introduces key mental health conditions, and runs over three separate sessions which are delivered over consecutive weeks.

Overview of the course

The Psych 1 course introduces mental health, focussing on core clinical issues. Participants will learn about the diagnosis and classification of mental health, and key concepts and terminology. The course also covers national drivers and guidelines in the management of the conditions and options for treatment and management.

Who would benefit from this course

Our Psych 1 course is suitable for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other medicines management staff (eg nurses and non-medical prescribers) who are new to mental health. It would also be suitable for those who want to learn more about the ways medicines are used, or those returning to practice in mental health after a break.

"Really helpful and will inform my future consultations"
"Loved the interactivity. Kept me engaged throughout"
"Very interesting topic. Well explained"

Delegates' feedback,
June 2023

Course content

The Psych 1 course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Mental Health, including classification, Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act and the mental state examination
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Affective Disorder
  • Dementias

Practising specialist pharmacists deliver the course through direct teaching and workshop content which is peer reviewed. Each session aims to cover the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of the condition being presented. Participants are sent details of  pre-course preparation associated with the topics, enabling them to prepare and get as much as possible from the sessions themselves.  The programme also includes sessions on consultation skills and background mental health information.

Sessions vary in the amount they concentrate on pharmacology, but this is an inevitable presence.  Most sessions are practical though and aim to give delegates a good introduction to the use of the various agents in practice. 

The course has been running successfully for over 20 years and in our experience both pharmacists and technicians find it extremely valuable.  Feedback from technicians over the years has generally emphasised how accessible the material is made and subsequently how much they learnt.

2024 dates

  • Jan 19th, 26th, Feb 2nd (morning sessions)
  • Jun 14th, 21st, 28th (afternoon sessions)


All 3 events: £175 for members and £225 for non-members

Individual events: £65 for members and £85 for non-members

Please note: Applications for Psych events are acknowledged via confirmatory letter and invoice.  If you do not receive this within 5 working days of your application please contact Wendy directly on [email protected].

To book into Psych 1, please email [email protected]

For further information about the course or other CMHP Education courses, please contact our CMHP Education Co-Lead, Orla Macdonald on [email protected]

Funding Panel Information for Psych 1

Applicants may find the following text of use for their applications to Funding Panels.

Psych 1, 2 and Techs are courses provided by the College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP).  The CMHP is a charity which aims to benefit individual care through advancing education and research in the practice of mental health pharmacy.  We provide opportunities for professionals to improve their knowledge about mental health conditions and their management.

Psych 1, 2 and Techs provide opportunities to learn from people working across the country whose practices may well vary from those seen within a single Trust.  Many speakers have had their level of expertise formally assessed through the CMHP credentialing process or are otherwise nationally-recognised experts in their area.  In addition, the courses afford national networking opportunities through which delegates may be able to develop conversations about practices across the country which would be unlikely to be replicated within a single Trust.  By the end of the course, we hope that delegates will be equipped to share within their own Trusts their learning derived from experts and colleagues based around the UK.

Should panels have any specific questions regarding these courses, they should be directed to the CMHP Education Lead: [email protected]

What previous delegates say

“Really great energetic and passionate speakers.”

“Fantastic all the speakers were so knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring. Can’t wait for Psych 2!”

“Excellent session, really appreciated the real world experience - so valuable”


The views expressed within teaching delivered by any individual during a CMHP event are those of the presenter and not of the CMHP itself. Materials are regularly reviewed for accuracy of content but anyone participating in any educational event hosted by CMHP must take professional responsibility for their own clinical decisions.

Any discussion on off-license or unlicensed medicine use must not be taken as unreserved support for such prescribing. Participants must be aware of the contents of all relevant Summaries of Product Characteristics as well as any relevant local or national guidelines when prescribing or giving prescribing advice.

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