Credentialing Portfolio – File 3

Please complete the following tasks:

Task 1

Provide an example of a mental health prescribing protocol or guideline, preferably one you have developed yourself.

If the protocol is an example of your own work, please provide an appraisal of the process involved in its production and its limitations.

If the protocol is an example of the work of someone else, please provide a critical appraisal of the protocol.

The critical appraisal should comprise no more than 250 words.

Task 2

Provide details of multidisciplinary working during the last 6 months. This may include attending ward rounds, team meetings or patient reviews, projects, Drugs and Therapeutic or Medicines Management committees or other strategic meetings.

The description should include:

  • The sub-specialty of psychiatry involved
  • The nature and purpose of the team / meeting
  • The purpose of the meeting (e.g. review of patients, review of procedures etc)
  • The frequency of attendance
  • Your contribution to the team / meeting e.g. clinical interventions, training, procedure development.

The account should comprise no more than 250 words.

Task 3

Please complete one of the options:

  1. include a copy of your local formulary or guidelines for mental health medicines together with reasons for the inclusion and exclusion of the medicines to treat a mental health condition of your choice, or
  2. provide a critical appraisal of the section in the current edition of the Maudsley guidelines on the treatment of a mental health condition of your choice.

The account should comprise no more than 250 words on one typed page (A4 size).

Task 4

Please include in your portfolio evidence from the last one year period of psychiatric pharmacy practice, three examples of written pieces of work relating to psychiatric practice.

Examples could include:

  • The case for enhancing some aspect of the psychiatric pharmacy service
  • A newsletter relating to some aspect of psychiatric practice
  • An information leaflet that assists the therapeutic dialogue with users
  • A published paper or report of a project involving some aspect of psychiatric care or treatment
  • Written advice to fellow mental health professionals about a particular aspect of medicine used in mental health.

Task 5

Please include in your portfolio examples of two service development projects which you have been significantly involved in, in mental health which would impact in some way on the use of medicines.

For proposed projects include details of expected benefits and outline the problems that might be encountered in its implementation.

For completed projects include an assessment of the outcome of the service development.

Each service development should comprise no more than 250 words.

Task 6

Please describe how you would like their own service to develop (either as head of the service or as a team member) over the next five years. This should include:

  • A description of what the development needs are for themselves or others to facilitate this, how they might be achieved and the problems likely to be encountered
  • A description of the service development needs to achieve this
  • List some of the areas where development of the role of pharmacy staff might occur in mental health pharmacy in general.

This account should comprise no more than 250 words.

Remember to review the competencies being assessed in this file when collating your evidence: Competencies