Council support

Members of CMHP support the Council by taking on specific roles. The CMHP Council is also supported by a small number of organisations and individuals who undertake a range of professional services.

Administrative support

  • Executive Assistant and Membership Officer
    - Membership administration, education courses, enquiries, Council administration and support

Wendy Gundry, ASL Consultancy

[email protected]

Communications support

  • Communications Manager
    - Communications planning, social media, Psych Bites and website

Eleanor Harwood, Communications Consultant

[email protected]

CMHP Conference


Education courses

  • Psych 1 and Psych 2 course tutor

Andrew J Down, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Council may invite any member of the College to support them by joining a working group, or to act as a liaison between the College and other organisations.