Making a payment to CMHP

Fees for membership, CMHP courses, credentialing or re-credentialing can be made by bank transfer, cheque or via Paypal.

Cheque payment

Cheques should be addressed to CMHP and sent to:

23 Southway
Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH15 9SY

It would be helpful if you could please include details of what your payment is for (e.g. credentialing fee) and a contact email address.

Bank transfer

Members can log into the website for our bank account details to make a payment. Please visit: Making a payment - info for members

Paypal options

Please follow the relevant links below to pay for credentialing, recredentialing or to make a donation to the College.

  • Recredentialing fee -  £75
  • Credentialing fee - £300
  • Foundation certificate - £100
  • Registration renewal - £50

Please only use this option if you do not have a recurring payment set up

  • Donation or miscellaneous payment