Credentialing Portfolio – File 2

As part of the portfolio application process, you are required to either

  1. Review 3 journal papers
  2. Provide 3 sample papers you have had published in a peer reviewed journal in the last 3 years.

If necessary, the candidate may mix and match options 1 and 2 provided a total of 3 papers are submitted or reviewed.

Option 1) Review of journal papers

Please review three journal papers, selecting one from each of the following 3 groups:

  • Economic Analysis
  • Meta Analysis / Reviews
  • Randomised Controlled Trials

Each critical appraisal should comprise no more than one typed page (A4 size) using the headings recommended by the Critical Appraisal Skills Program (CASP) or suitable alternative.


Task 1: Economic Analysis

Rosenheck R, Leslie D, Sindelar J et al (2007) Cost-benefit analysis of second generation antipsychotics and placebo in a randomized trial of the treatment of psychosis and aggression in Alzheimer Disease. Archives of General Psychiatry; 64(11): 1259-1268

Simon G, Katon W, Lin E et al (2007) Cost-effectiveness of systematic depression treatment among people with diabetes mellitus. Archives of General Psychiatry; 64(11): 65-72

Barnett A, Millar H, Loze J et al (2009) UK cost-consequence analysis of Aripiprazole in schizophrenia: diabetes and coronary heart disease risk projections (STAR study). European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience; 259: 239-247


Task 2: Meta Analysis / Reviews

Fournier J, DeRubeis R, Hollon S et al (2010) Antidepressant drug effects and depression severity: A patient-level meta-analysis. Journal of the American Medical Association; 303(1): 47-53

Leucht S, Corves C, Arbter D et al (2009) Second-generation versus first generation antipsychotic drugs for schizophrenia: a meta-analysis. Lancet; 373: 31-41

Geddes J, Calabrese J, Goodwin G (2009) Lamotrigine for the treatment of bipolar depression: independent meta-analysis and meta-regression of individual patient data from five randomized trials. The British Journal of Psychiatry; 194: 4-9


Task 3: Randomised Controlled Trials

Geddes J et al (2009) Lithium plus valproate combination therapy versus monotherapy for relapse prevention in bipolar I disorder (BALANCE): a randomized open-label trial. Lancet; 375: 385-395

DeKosky S, Williamson J, Fitzpatrick A et al (2008) Ginkgo bilboba for prevention of Dementia: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association; 300 (19): 2252-2262

Wang C, Xiang Y, Cai Z et al (2010) Risperidone maintenance treatment in schizophrenia: A randomized, controlled trial. The American Journal of Psychiatry; 167: 676-685


Option 2) Published papers

Please provide 3 sample papers you have had published in a peer reviewed journal in the last 3 years that address some aspect of mental health medicines use. You must be either the sole author or the lead author of the papers. Include a short note (not more than 250 words) outlining the strengths and weaknesses of each paper.


CASP headings

To assist you with your review(s), please view the CASP web page:


Remember to review the competencies being assessed in this file here when collating your evidence.