The College of Mental Health Pharmacy is a not-for-profit charitable organisation registered with the Charity Commission.

The College is governed by a Council of 14 members who are both Company Directors and Charity Trustees.

With our Council membership, we aim to reflect the various areas of practice in mental health pharmacy. This includes primary care, secondary care, research and academia and the independent sector. Any member of the CMHP may be nominated for the Council elections, which are held annually.

Who's who on Council - meet the team!

Council business

CMHP Council meets at least four times per year to manage the business of CMHP, and to ensure that it is meeting its obligations as a charity. The CMHP Council reports to its membership once a year at its Annual General Meeting.

Council members are volunteers and they may not gain financially from their role in the organisation. They serve for three years when they become eligible for re-election. Members may be co-opted by Council to fill a vacancy, for example when a member has retired before the next election. Co-option can also be used to ensure that Council includes the right mix of skills and experience, for example co-option of a Pharmacy Technician.


Our valuable work is funded through membership fees, educational events and generous donations from our corporate sponsors.

Documents relating to Governance of the College

For further information about the Governance and management of the College, please read our: