Our charitable object is: To advance education in the practice of mental health pharmacy and to promote and disseminate research for the public benefit, in all aspects of that subject


The recognised international home for mental health pharmacy

Golden Threads

We have 4 golden threads that will be incorporated throughout our work to achieve our charitable objects. For our strategy delivery plans we will describe how these golden threads will be met.

  1. Advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion and actively challenge any barriers faced in achieving inclusive practice of mental health pharmacy.
  2. Work to reduce stigma by including the voice of people with lived experience to ensure co-produced practice of mental health pharmacy.
  3. Delivering high quality outputs that ensure CMHP is recognised as the “go to” place for expertise in the practice of mental health pharmacy.
  4. Recognise the impact of climate change as a health emergency and ensure sustainability is considered within the practice of mental health pharmacy.

Delivery Plan

Our charitable objects will be delivered by developing year on year objectives for each of our core portfolio areas. The portfolio responsibilities reflect the strategic and charitable aims:

  1. Education & Curriculum
  2. Research & Development
  3. Credentialing
  4. Accreditation
  5. Consultation
  6. Communication and Marketing
  7. Finance
  8. Governance

We will share details of the delivery plan for each portfolio area on this website in due course.


Updated July 2022