Our members are supportive to each other and to the health teams in which they work. As an organisation we aim to support our members to deliver excellent person-centred care, based on best practice, knowledge, experience, and tailored to the individual person's needs.

We offer support to our members and others in a number of ways.

Peer support

Our members form a supportive community and we facilitate peer support within that community. Our Yahoo discussion group enables members to consult each other about medicines, treatments, side effects, mental health policy, and other topics in the field of mental health pharmacy. In the members' area of our website, we host forums for discussion of key mental health opics.

Support for professional development

Members also appreciate opportunities to learn from each other and network at events such as our international conference. We support professional development through our education courses and conference, as well as providing awards and bursaries for innovative work. Our credentialing process gives members the confidence that they are working at an expert level.

Keeping up-to-date

We share news of members and the latest developments in mental health pharmacy through our social media channels, website updates, and, for members, through our monthly newsletter.

Best practice

We disseminate best practice through our events, awards, newsletter and by publishing relevant clinical guidelines on our website - either for members specifically in the members' area, or for any health professional with an interest in mental health pharmacy.

Support for people affected by mental illness

We do not directly provide advice and consultations for individuals, families and friends affected by mental illness. However, we work with partners through our accreditation programme, where we review and endorse medicines information for the public. For example, we worked with Young Minds, on the development of their resource: HeadMeds.

We also have put together a page of organisations which may be able to help you if you are looking for advice or help if experiencing mental distress.