About us

The College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP) is a charity dedicated to advancing education in the practice of mental health pharmacy. We also promote and disseminate research for the public benefit, in all aspects of that subject.

Our members

CMHP is a membership organisation. Although most of our members are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, anyone with an interest in mental health and medicines can become a member.

Our aims

We aim to ensure that people with mental health conditions receive the best medication for their individual needs. We want to help them to live as fulfilling lives as possible. Pharmaceutical care for people with mental health problems is improved by providing pharmacy team members with high quality education and support about mental health conditions and their management.

The College delivers this by a combination of:

  • Accreditation of specialist mental health pharmacists (also known as credentialing)
  • Delivery of high quality educational resources for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Supporting choice for people by making available unbiased information on medicines
  • Providing expert input to National Guidelines and health policy for medicines in mental health
  • Supporting and disseminating research in the field of mental health pharmacy.