Recent projects

We have accredited and badged a range of products and materials through our accreditation scheme. We also work with partners in achieving our aim of advancing education and research in the practice of mental health pharmacy.

Here are a few examples:

HeadMeds - accredited on-line resource

We are proud of our links with Young Minds, and their fantastic on-line resource for young people with questions about medicines used to treat mental illness. We work with them to ensure that the information they provide is accurate and easily understood by non-specialists.

Choose Your Medication - accredited on-line resource

The Choose Your Medication: Mental Health Application gives essential information on over 21 mental health conditions (including depression, psychosis, dementia, anxiety, alcohol or substance misuse), over 150 medications used to treat them and the other treatments available (including self-help and help from others). We have worked with the Mistura team on accrediting this resource.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty - education partner

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Affiliated Partners recently announced plans to design and deliver National Training Programmes in 2017 to all sectors of the pharmacy profession. We look forward to working with our education partners to provide pharmacists with structured, accredited, expert training which is clinically oriented to a subject or speciality focus.

The Clinical Pharmacy Congress - education partner

As an Education partner, we are happy to have the opportunity to ensure there is a mental health component to this key pharmacy event. We identify suitable speakers for the programme, and attend the event in the special interest area.

Work with ASH - specialist pharmacy input

We were proud to endorse the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) report launched in 2016:  The Stolen Years - The Mental Health and Smoking Action Report. This report sets out recommendations for how smoking rates for people with a mental health condition could be dramatically brought down over the next few years, and we look forward to continuing to work with ASH on the next steps to implement the recommendations.

Forward view of mental health - specialist pharmacy input

NHS England spelt out how its five-year forward view for mental health services will be implemented with the publication this week of two key documents in 2016:

CMHP Council members were involved in the Clinical Reference Group that developed the guidance on outcome measures. Pharmacists have a key role to play in establishing measures that are meaningful and evidence-based. They are integral to multi-disciplinary teams, responsible for ensuring that patients are receiving appropriate treatments and accessible services for both their mental and physical health needs.