Foundation Certificate

We have introduced a new level into our credentialing pathway: the foundation certificate.

The foundation certificate is for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians keen to demonstrate their commitment to professional development in psychiatric pharmacy, but who have not yet reached the level of experience and expertise required for full credentialed status.

To complete the foundation certificate, candidates are expected to:

  • Complete:
    • Psych1 and Psych 2 within three years, or
    • any of the BAP clinical certificate modules, which will be accepted instead of/as well as Psych 1 or 2, or
    • the RCGP part 1/recertification in Drugs or Alcohol part 1 certificates (via Spectrum L&D), which will be accepted instead of/as well as Psych 1 or 2.
  • Submit an application form with references
  • Go through an assessment, where they are expected to discuss a case which they have prepared from their own practice, and to discuss a previously unseen case vignette.

The foundation certificate fee of £200 is payable at the time of application and not refundable except at the discretion of the Registrar/CMHP Council who may give consideration to extenuating circumstances if applicable.

For further details please contact CMHP Registrar:

For an overview of the foundation pathway and credentialing, please see the document: OVERVIEW Foundation Certificate &Credentialing&Recredentialing Pathways v4.0 (pdf). - updated Feb 2020