Take the CPPE Learning Disabilities Challenge

Have you seen the latest campaign by Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE)?

It is an excellent call to action for us all to reflect on our current approach to supporting people with a learning disability and their carers.

The campaign, which was launched on Monday 13 March, sets out weekly challenges for pharmacy professionals to complete.

The week 1 challenge is around communication and thought-provoking videos provide an insight into how good communication can make a difference. Activities continue over a six week period, and include an e-learning quiz and a Facebook live discussion.

Several members of CMHP have worked with CPPE in developing their Learning Disability (LD) education materials, including Nikki Holmes who peer-reviewed the LD Distance Learning package, and Steve Buckley who recorded a presentation based on the LD work he’s been doing with Trafford CCG.

On behalf of the CMHP Council, Steve Buckley encourages members to take part in the campaign, saying: “It is extremely important to support this vulnerable cohort of people. Well done to everyone involved.”

To find out more and to join the campaign, please go to the campaign website.

For more on the distance learning programme, please visit the CPPE LD distance learning programme site.


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