Recredentialing success: Oyebimpe Idowu, Michaela Cox, Michael Slater and Alistair Tait

Congratulations to Oyebimpe Idowu, Michaela Cox, Michael Slater and Alistair Tait who successfully recredentialed with the College recently.

  • Oyebimpe Idowu is Clinical Pharmacy Services (Community) Team leader at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. The work that Bimpe has done in developing the role of a Mental Health pharmacist in Community Mental Health Teams and also her determination to improve the care of those patients taking clozapine was most impressive.

Bimpe said: “It is really exciting realising the several major roles that pharmacists in the community teams can play in improving patient care which hopefully will culminate in fewer hospital admissions and a better experience for our patients living with mental health problems.

“Being recredentialed gives me the confidence in my practice as a pharmacy team leader.”

  • Michaela Cox is Chief Pharmacist at Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. She works hard to maintain the level of staffing in her Trust. This and her work on the Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) data were considered noteworthy in the recredentialing process.

Michaela said: "While my role as chief pharmacist is very broad the most rewarding part of my role is being able to support patients and/or their carers whether directly by providing advice about their current treatment or indirectly by ensuring there is appropriate pharmacy input within newly developed services.

"Being credentialled by CMHP, through review of my work by my peers, reassures me that my work is of a high standard. I am proud to remain a credentialed member of the CMHP."

  • Michael Slater is Lead Pharmacist for Adult Mental Health Services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Michael has supported the work of CMHP through reviewing leaflets on CMHP’s behalf. This contribution and his clear desire to raise the profile of mental health pharmacy both within his organisation and externally were highlights of his recredentialing submission.

When asked to comment on his role, Michael said: The most rewarding aspect is the knowledge that I have improved the situation for many patients with mental health conditions by contributing to decisions on their pharmacological treatment, aiding the selection of safe and effective medication for those patients as far as is possible.

“Being credentialed by the college is an acknowledgement of the competence and skill that I have built up in this field.

  • Alistair Tait is Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist with Speeds Healthcare. He was commended on his commitment to patient safety with respect to the use of medicines.

Alistair commented: “I would say the most rewarding part of my role is having the opportunity to improve patients quality of life from optimisation of treatment, reducing side effects and improving patient’s knowledge so they are empowered to take steps to take ownership of their illness.

“I am honoured and humbled having been credentialed by the college alongside other esteemed colleagues.”

Our credentialed members are required to go through recredentialing every five years. Credentialed members are full members of the College and can carry the post-nominals MCMHP.

For more information about credentialing with the College please see the Credentialing web pages.

You can also view the full list of credentialed members here.

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