Recredentialing success: Caroline Hynes, Orla MacDonald and Michael Marven

Congratulations to Caroline Hynes, Orla MacDonald and Michael Marven, who have recently recredentialed with the College.

Caroline Hynes (pictured) is a Senior Pharmacist at the Saint John of God Hospital in Dublin, an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and an Adjunct Lecturer/Associate Professor at the University College Dublin.

Caroline has been commended for her work on the clozapine side effect scale and the commitment to research. She commented: “While having your work and practice peer-reviewed it a little bit scary, being a credentialed member of the CMHP means a lot more because of this.”

Orla MacDonald is Lead Research Pharmacist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Her work to improve training and education standards for the next generation of mental health pharmacists is most impressive.

Reflecting on her involvement with the College, Orla says: “I think the best thing about the CMHP for me is the network of experts that you have access to.  Psychopharmacology is a complex science and applying the evidence to your patient can be so tricky at times.  So it is really great to be linked up to this wide group of shared knowledge and experience.”

Michael Marven is Chief Pharmacist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. He is a former President of CMHP so has a long hisory of involvement with the College.

Michael’s contribution to workforce development and progression of pharmacist roles is particularly noteworthy.

When asked to comment on what being credentialled means to him, Michael said:

"To me, being credentialed by the CMHP is a huge honour as it shows recognition from my peers about the work I do.  Considering that the direct clinical involvement of my role is fairly limited it goes to show that everyone involved in mental health pharmacy has a specialist contribution to make which should be recognised."


Our credentialed members are required to go through recredentialing every five years to demonstrate their continuing expertise in the field of mental health pharmacy.

Credentialed members are full members of the College and can carry the post-nominals MCMHP.

For more information about credentialing with the College please see the Credentialing web pages.

You can also view the full list of credentialed members here.


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