Response to press reports about prescription drugs review

This morning (24.01.18), the BBC and other news agencies are reporting that Public Health England is launching a review into the "growing problem" of prescription drug addiction. See for example:

The CMHP is in support of this review if it improves the understanding of prescription medication misuse and the treatment people receive. It must be remembered that whilst antidepressants may be misused, they are NOT addictive (they don’t cause cravings for more or need increasing doses to get the same effect). It is important that people take their medication as prescribed and that when antidepressants are stopped, this should usually happen slowly over a period of weeks or months. It is important that people receive the right advice and support to do this, ideally from their prescriber or pharmacist. This is to help reduce the risk of discontinuation symptoms which can sometimes occur. There are also some excellent online resources that can be accessed for help and advice, including:


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