Recredentialing success

Congratulations to all of the members who have recently recredentialed with the College!

We are delighted to announce the success of several members who have recredentialed with us this year:
  • Paul Hardy, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Assistant Registrar Ciara Ni Dhubhlaing was impressed by Paul's work using technological solutions to improve communication and therefore quality of care within mental health and pharmacy services as a whole.


  • Kate Dewhirst, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Ciara  highlighted Kate’s work on medication safety within mental health as most impressive. Kate says: "Improving safe use of medicines in mental health is also a role I am passionate about and am working across interfaces to promote safe use of mental health medicines in other settings such as acute trusts and primary care. "

  • Michael Dixon, Lead Pharmacist for Medicines Information, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Michael explains what he finds rewarding in his role. "I enjoy working in mental health pharmacy as you are very much part of the wider multidisciplinary team working to help patients get better. Every different professionals input is valued. I find you get to use all your pharmacy training when working in mental health pharmacy and also I find it rewarding providing good care to patients with mental health problems as they still suffer stigma from other healthcare areas."

  • Vanessa Earnshaw, Lead Pharmacist – Community & Cognition and Mental Health in Ageing Service Lines, South West London and St George's NHS Foundation Trust

Vanessa tells us what being a credentialed member of the College means to her: "I’m privileged to be a member of the college, which enables me to be part of a network of experts and mental health leaders, to lead, shape and influence national policy. It gives me confidence in my own clinical skills that I can be a fully credentialed member of the college."

  • Francis Johnson, Advanced Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

When asked about what he finds rewarding his role, Francis says: "Having face to face contact with service users, where I can use my expertise knowledge to help them get the most out of their medication. Particularly when I have helped address any concerns they have had or reduce any symptoms or unwanted adverse effects. I find that people always appreciate the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion and feel listened to, which sometimes other healthcare professionals may not have the time for."

  • Sally Butterworth, Principal Clinical Pharmacist, Community Mental Health Services - Clozapine, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sally is passionate about her work saying: "I really love working with lots of different teams to improve the lives of all of our patients on clozapine! Results from patient feedback show that patients are really benefiting from the changes I have made."


For more information about credentialing with the College please see the Credentialing web pages.

You can also view the full list of credentialed members here.

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