Recredentialing success: Steve Buckley, Stephen Guy, Hannah MacFarlane

Congratulations to Steve Buckley, Stephen Guy and Hannah MacFarlane who successfully recredentialed with the College recently.

Steve Buckley is Deputy Director of Pharmacy & Independent Prescriber at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. His work on the STOMP agenda and his commitment to the CMHP were highlighted as particularly impressive in the reviewer feedback. Steve served on CMHP Council from 2016-2018. Steve says he is “passionate about progressing clinical pharmacy within the speciality of mental health”. He also takes a keen interest in leadership and service improvement.

Stephen Guy is Lead Pharmacist for Mental Health, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. His thesis and work on clozapine with its impact on improving healthcare professionals’ awareness of management issues with this medicine, and more recently the work undertaken in response to COVID are particularly noteworthy. Stephen is a past president of the College and he was made a Fellow of CMHP in 2012.

Stephen was invited to reflect on his role, and he commented: “One of the most rewarding experiences in the past few years has been reaching out to colleagues in medical wards and emergency departments to raise awareness of the potential risks when patients taking clozapine are admitted to these areas.  This  paid dividends during the COVID surge as staff were better equipped to manage problems when patients taking clozapine were admitted and they had a ready point of contact for advice on patient management.”

Hannah MacFarlane is Clinical Tutor and Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Aston University and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust. Hannah was made a Fellow of CMHP in 2018, having previously served on CMHP Council. The reviewer of her recredentialing submission was impressed by her achieving published papers and becoming a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

When asked about her professional experience, Hannah commented: “My roles are continually rewarding, even in the most challenging of times. Particularly over the last year, I have been so impressed to see how well my colleagues and students have responded to working in extreme adversity. The resilience they have shown has been phenomenal and I consider it a privilege to work with so many people and to be able to witness this as well as all of the hard work that the up and coming mental health pharmacists around the country (and further afield) are doing to support people who experience mental illness. It is extremely humbling to work in this position and recredentialing helps me to take stock and be mindful of the value of my small part in our important profession.”

Our credentialed members are required to go through recredentialing every five years. Credentialed members are full members of the College and can carry the post-nominals MCMHP.

For more information about credentialing with the College please see the Credentialing web pages.

You can also view the full list of credentialed members here.


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