Recredentialing success: Kyra Sycamore

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Congratulations to Kyra Sycamore who successfully recredentialed with the College recently! She demonstrated that she continues to be among the leading pharmacists in mental health in the country.

Kyra Sycamore is Senior Mental Health Pharmacist for Health New Zealand – Canterbury.

The assessor of Kyra’s portfolio highlighted her work with pharmacogenetics and her contribution to the New Zealand Mental Health Special Interest Group over the last five years as particularly impressive.

Kyra was asked to comment on what she finds most rewarding in her role. She said:

“One of the most rewarding things is knowing that sharing my knowledge and experience can give other people confidence. It gives doctors confidence in what they’re prescribing and it gives patients confidence in the medicines we’re asking them to take. That trust is so humbling, and also a great reminder of the importance of getting it right.”

When asked about what being credentialed means to her, she added:

“When I was a junior pharmacist, the members of the CMHP were my professional heroes. To then be acknowledged as a part of that group has always been one of my greatest professional achievements.”

Our credentialed members are required to go through recredentialing every five years. Credentialed members are full members of the College and can carry the post-nominals MCMHP.

For more information about credentialing with the College please see the Credentialing web pages.

On our website, you can also view the full list of credentialed members.

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