Recognition of expertise – Michael Marven recredentialled

We are delighted to announce that Michael Marven has successfully recredentialled with the College, in recognition of his continuing expertise in the field of mental health pharmacy.

Michael Marven is Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Director for Medicines Management, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

He says of his role:

"I think the most rewarding part of my role is being able to work with clinical colleagues to influence and lead service design which genuinely help patients by being centred around their needs,  particularly around medicines use and the unique specialist contribution of the pharmacy teams."

Michael - known as Mick to his friends - is well known to members of the College having been involved with the CMHP and its predecessor the UKPPG since 2004. He has most recently served the College as President and continues to serve on Council from this month as Immediate Past President.

When asked to comment on what being credentialled means to him, Mick said:

"To me, being credentialled by the CMHP is a huge honour as it shows recognition from my peers about the work I do.  Considering that the direct clinical involvement of my role is fairly limited it goes to show that everyone involved in mental health pharmacy has a specialist contribution to make which should be recognised."

Credentialling is the process by which pharmacists can demonstrate their expertise in the specialist field of mental health. They submit a portfolio of work and sit a viva. Credentialled members are recredentialled every five years by demonstrating evidence of their continuing professional development and expert practice.

For more about credentialling and recredentialling, please view the relevant pages on the website:

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