Newly Credentialed Member: James Lee

The Council of CMHP is delighted to welcome James Lee, Clinical Pharmacist at Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) to full membership of the College.

James has demonstrated his expertise in mental health pharmacy through our credentialing process, and he is now eligible to use the post-nominals MCMHP.

As lead clinical pharmacist for the community mental health teams in the Exeter, East & Mid Devon area, James provides medicines advice and training for the adult and older adult community teams in the Exeter, East and Mid Devon area. In addition, he is the lead pharmacist for the recently opened Mother & Baby Unit and also covers the rehabilitation ward.

James qualified at Royal Devon & Exeter hospital before quickly specialising in mental health. He spent time in mental health during his pre-reg year and was inspired enough during that short time to want to continue it as a career. He has worked at DPT ever since, covering a variety of roles and wards from forensics to eating disorders and everything in between, before eventually ending up in his current role.

When asked what his experience of going through the credentialing process was like, James said it was challenging.  He explained:

“I found that taking the time to collect the evidence for the portfolios was the most tricky part but also felt quite reassured that I already had a lot of the evidence of things like presentations from just doing my job! Having to collect a months worth of interventions wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. Getting my CPD up to date was probably the most onerous task!!”

The credentialing viva was held on Thursday 11 October on the eve of our international conference.  James commented on the viva, saying:

“The viva itself felt a bit like going for an interview. I felt confident about the case studies on psychosis and bipolar (dealing with these on a daily basis) but a bit more nervous about the ‘mystery’ topic. Remembering to explain your answers as if you’re not talking to a panel of mental health pharmacists is the trickiest part. Also being honest if you don’t know the answer but explaining how you would answer it given more time is a top tip - the prep time goes VERY quickly.”

CMHP Registrar Roz Gittins congratulated James on his achievement:

“James gave excellent responses to the vignettes [case studies], demonstrating a holistic approach to patient care. I warmly congratulate him on becoming our newest credentialed member.“

Associated members can apply for full membership of the College when they have attained an expert level of working, with a minimum of three of five years active experience in psychiatric pharmacy practice (length of required experience depends upon relevant postgraduate qualifications). For further details, please see


Thank you to James for supplying his wedding day photograph.

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