New members on Council

The CMHP Council welcomes new members to its team, following changes announced at the College’s Annual General Meeting earlier in the year.

The new members of Council are:

  • Steve Buckley, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Older Adult Services, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (elected, was previously co-opted)
  • Tina Campbell, Associate Director Medicines Optimisation / Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer, Devon Partnership NHS Trust (co-opted).
  • Roz Gittins, Chief Pharmacist, Addaction (co-opted)
  • Sushma Lau, Deputy Chief Pharmacist (MHS), North East London NHS Foundation Trust (co-opted)
  • Ciara Ni Dhubhlaing, Senior Pharmacist, St.Patricks University Hospital (elected, was previously co-opted)
  • Karen Shuker, Advanced Specialist Pharmacist, Education and Training Lead, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (elected)

Everyone has been actively involved since the word go, including taking on specific roles and responsibilities, which were reassigned at the November Council meeting.

Nikki Holmes, CMHP President said:

“I am really excited about the energy and enthusiasm being brought to Council by our new members. It’s great to have them on board and we look forward to a productive year ahead.”

Full Council

  • CMHP Officers

President: Nikki Holmes

Immediate Past President: Michael Marven

Vice-President: Juliet Shepherd

Honorary Treasurer: Jon Stock

Registrar, and Credentialling portfolio: Ciara Ni Dhubhlaing

Honorary Secretary: Tina Campbell


  • Council Members

Hannah Macfarlane, Education portfolio

Zeibun Patel, Conference lead

Karen Shuker, Research portfolio

Steve Buckley, Communications and marketing portfolio (now incorporating Patient and Public Involvement)

Roz Gittins, Assistant Registrar

Sushma Lau, Accreditation lead

Azra Sumar, Consultations portfolio


We are also in the process of co-opting a Pharmacy Technician.

You can find out more about our Council members here: CMHP Council

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