CMHP endorses new learning disabilities programme

The College of Mental Health Pharmacy welcomes the launch of the The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education's latest distance learning programme – Learning disabilities.

The programme has been designed to enable pharmacists working in mainstream settings to respond more effectively to the needs of people with a learning disability, their carers and their support workers, to optimise their medicines and improve their health outcomes.

To read more about the programme, please visit the CPPE website:

President of CMHP Nikki Holmes said:

“As one of the reviewers of this programme, I'm delighted to see it launched. This programme provides a great opportunity for pharmacy staff to find out more about learning disabilities and how best to get alongside, and optimise medicines prescribed for, people living with a learning disability.

People with a learning disability are an extremely vulnerable population, and prescribing of medicine is often not ideal; this resource will help pharmacy staff facilitate appropriate medicines use to maximise both efficacy and tolerability.

The College of Mental Health Pharmacy is pleased to badge the programme in recognition of its high quality.”

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