Celebrating expertise in mental health pharmacy

Congratulations to Beryl Navti, Chris Todd, Nicola Greenhalgh and Yogita Dawda!

Clockwise from top left: Chris, Yogita, Beryl and Nicola

All four have successfully credentialed with the College of Mental Health Pharmacy demonstrating their professional expertise. They are now full members of the College and may use the post-nominals MCMHP.

Beryl Navti is the clinical lead pharmacist for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service at North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Chris Todd is senior clinical pharmacist at Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

Nicola Greenhalgh is the lead pharmacist for mental health at North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Yogita Dawda is the Clinical Lead for Mental Health Pharmacy at the Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust. She is also a lecturer at Aston University for the Independent Prescribing course.

You can read more about our credentialed members and their experiences of credentialing here: Personal statements – credentialed members 2021.

CMHP Vice President (and acting Registrar) Roz Gittins was delighted to announce the success of the four candidates following their vivas.

She said: "It is fantastic to see such high calibre candidates applying for credentialing with the College. They are clearly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for patients and have developed significant expertise in the field of mental health pharmacy."

For further information about credentialing please see:
Credentialing process

MCMHP stands for Member of the College of Mental Health Pharmacy. Anyone is welcome to join the CMHP as an associate member, but to use the term MCMHP, members are required to go through the credentialing and recredentialing process.

Are you interested in credentialing? Our next portfolio submission date is 26th September 2021 with vivas scheduled for November.

For anyone interested in credentialing or completing the Foundation Certificate, you may find the following pages of interest:
Why Credential?
Preparing for credentialing
Foundation Certificate

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