Friday highlights 2016

Andrey Grundy delivers thought-provoking Brett Hill Memorial Lecture

Brett Hill Memorial Lecture:  Patient and Public Involvement - Andrew Grundy, Service User, Research Associate in the School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

Twitter feedback included:

"Great to hear of your lived experience. Very moving, very informative."

"Compelling talk by  on patient and public involvement in clinical research."

" Brilliant insight into service user involvement in research and patient care."

Andrew referred to the '10 Cs' in Mental Health Care Planning.

Professor Paul HarrisonGenetics in Mental Health - Professor Paul Harrison, President of the British Association for Psychopharmacology

Professor Harrison's presentation  is available on a password protected page for delegates of the conference:  2016 Conference presentations for delegates.

CMHP members can see his presentation by logging into the website, and going to: Conference presentations from 2016

Professor Harrison also provided a link to his review article in the Journal of Psychopharmacology:  Recent genetic findings in schizophrenia and their therapeutic relevance.

Mental Health and the Microbiome - Professor John Cryan, University College Cork

John CryanProfessor Cryan's presentation is available on a password-protected page for delegates of the conference:  2016 Conference presentations for delegates

Sharing on Twitter included:

"Our state of gut will markedly affect our state of mind."

"Fascinating talk about gut biome by , thank you. Olanzapine may contribute to obesity via its antibiotic action!"

"Word of the day 'crap-sule'"

Professor NuttPsychoactive Substances - Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London

Delegates may find the following links of interest:

From The Guardian: 'My therapist gave me a pill': can MDMA help cure trauma?

From the British Journal of Psychiatry: Making a medicine out of MDMA