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The College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP) is a charity with the overall objective of advancing education and research in the practice of mental health pharmacy to benefit individual care.


We are a membership organisation, and although most of our members are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, anybody can register to be an associate member of the CMHP. Membership benefits include access to education and networking opportunities such as e groups, bulletins and the annual conference.



The College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP)

The CMHP also supports pharmacist members to be recognised experts in their field. We do this through a process of credentialling where members demonstrate their experience and knowledge in the specialist area of mental health. Browse the website to find out further information about the CMHP including the annual conference, all educational events and opportunities to apply for awards, bursaries and small research grants.


We work in partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to ensure pharmacy is on the health agenda. We are developing ways in which we can support our members and ways in which we can recognise their advancement and progression.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Faculty

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