Recredentialing success: Steve Bazire and Claire Nowak

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Congratulations to Steve Bazire and Claire Nowak who successfully recredentialed with the College recently! They demonstrated that they continue to be among the leading pharmacists in mental health in this country.

Steve Bazire is Director of Mistura Enterprise Ltd and an Honorary Professor at the University of East Anglia.

The assessor of his portfolio complimented Steve on his fantastic work including production of the excellent Psychotropic Drug Directory, choice and medication website and lecturing/teaching at the University of East Anglia.

Steve commented: “Having been fully retired from the NHS for 8 years, I'm really pleased (and somewhat relieved) to have been recredentialed by my peers. The Choice and Medication website is going from strength to strength and I hope that I can carry on helping provide the tools to help pharmacists to help their service users. I am involved with MaPPs, which helps keep my general medicine knowledge from failing completely and I do some other interesting roles such as being on the Bipolar-UK Clinical Advisory Panel, DrugScience and even a ketamine capsules clinical trial.” 

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Claire Nowak is Deputy Chief Pharmacist (Corporate) and Lead Pharmacist for Medicines Safety at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The assessor of Carol’s recredentialing portfolio was particularly impressed with Claire’s advanced work related to medicines safety in mental health.

Our credentialed members are required to go through recredentialing every five years. Credentialed members are full members of the College and can carry the post-nominals MCMHP.

For more information about credentialing with the College please see the Credentialing web pages.

On our website, you can also view the full list of credentialed members.

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