Our charitable object is: To advance education in the practice of mental health pharmacy and to promote and disseminate research for the public benefit, in all aspects of that subject

CMHP Strategy


  1. To support, develop and encourage the safe, effective and economical use of medicines for people with mental health problems.
  2. To recognise advanced levels of practice through credentialing of our members and inform the wider process of accreditation within pharmacy as a whole.
  3. To ensure the sharing of good practice and learning and to identify and prioritise areas for audit, research and development at local and national level.
  4. Enhance the awareness of mental health conditions and their management in all care sectors.
  5. To ensure the future of the College of Mental Health Pharmacy as a charitable organisation.


  • 1.a. Sustain current educational events and resources to develop skill base and knowledge
  • 1.b. To identify further education and training needs related to safer prescribing of mental health medicines
  • 1.c. Provide clinical expertise to policy and guideline development
  • 1.d. To support development of specialist groups within mental health pharmacy practice
  • 1.e. To lead on the development of standards for pharmacy services such as medicines management/optimization


  • 2.a. Credentialing of CMHP members
  • 2b. Involvement in the development of the national pharmacy credentialing system
  • 2c. Involvement in the development of undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy curricula


  • 3.a. Reduce the inappropriate prescribing of psychotropic medicines and to promote best practice in prescribing psychotropic medicines
  • 3.b. Develop research activity and expertise in the membership
  • 3.c. Disseminate good practice via the CMHP newsletter, website and other media


  • 4.a. Engage with other organisations to support and enable their skills and knowledge development and engender awareness and collaboration
  • 4.b. Engage with the media to provide information about mental health conditions and their treatments


  • 5.a. Maintain communication with membership
  • 5.b. Increase membership from other pharmacy care sectors
  • 5.c. Ensure financial sustainability
  • 5.d. Comply with all aspects pertaining to charitable status.